Throwback Thursday: When MTV Didn’t Completely Suck!

So I just decided to pay my cable bill and the only reason I have cable in the first place is because of the...

R.I.P. Edgar Froese

The first time I’d ever heard of Tangerine Dream was in 1985. I went to the theater to see a new fantasy movie, starring...

New Single: Smittix “Souls For Ransom”

If you are a fan of Ska/Punk you should give this a listen and while you’re at it download it for FREE! For FREE...

DAMMIT! Drama in the Blink 182 Camp

When I first heard of Tom DeLonge’s split from Blink 182, I didn’t even feel the need to report on it because it just wasn’t...

Newborn -EP Release “Broken Virgo” and Show at Mercury Lounge -January 31st

The EP drops officially on February 10th but the celebration of Newborn’s new release starts at the Mercury Lounge in NYC Saturday January 31st! Check...
Red Dice

Video of the Day: The Red Dice’s Revenge “Kelevra’s Bullet”

This is truly one of the coolest music videos I have seen in years!
Bone Chimes

New Single: The Bone Chimes “High Line”

The Bone Chimes have a new single out called “High Line” which will be on their upcoming EP which is to be released sometime this...