A Boy And His Rainbows: A Story That Began In Tragedy/Will Leave You With A Smile- BONUS: “Over The Rainbow” Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

This is Robbie and his story has become unexpectedly viral because he really wanted to see a rainbow the other day and it wasn’t there.

-Upstate New York

Through marriage, I (Rob Smittix) suppose Robbie would be considered my great cousin-in-law, he is nine years old which is the same age as my youngest son. The reason I make the age comparison is because I could never imagine my son having to endure what his cousin Robbie has had to go through these last few months. I have seen Robbie a couple times since both of his parents made the passage over the rainbow bridge and what I can tell you is that he’s definitely surrounded by the love and support of his family.

This message comes from Robbie’s aunt and legal guardian Crystal Skawinski’s facebook account: “This is my nephew Robbie. I am his legal guardian since May 25th 2017. Robbie’s mom, my sister/ passed away after a long battle with gastroparesis & cystic fibrosis on May 2nd. Her husband, Robbie’s father died of an overdose on May 24. Today this was Robbie outside in the rain hoping to see a rainbow (referring to the picture above). He’s been told his parents have gone over the rainbow bridge and he looks for them eagerly. Robbie is autistic. I love showing him rainbows so if anyone has any rainbow pics ( especially double rainbows) you can always message me or put it in the comments. Then he can see rainbows around the world. #rainbowsforrobbie please share! The more the better. I will be making a scrapbook of the ones I receive. Please leave your state or country with the pic so I know where it came from.”

The more the better, for sure; Robbie is going to have get several scrapbooks for the overwhelming response that his Aunt’s request received. We’re talking thousands of photos of rainbows pouring in from all over the world and they haven’t stopped coming in. We’ve seen pictures coming from as far as Australia and even Taiwan. The media coverage has stretched all across the country and I have a hunch this is just the beginning. Although this story began in tragedy, Robbie and his rainbows has put smiles on people all across the world and in a recent interview, Aunt Crystal explained “Now he has a place to go, so if it’s not raining outside or if it is raining but there’s no rainbow, now he has a place to go to get that comfort.”

There has also been a Go Fund Me account set up where you can help Robbie fulfill his goal to go to Walt Disney World, click HERE to donate. Below I’ve included my favorite version of “Over The Rainbow” for Robbie to listen to. This rendition was done by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes and it’s a lot of fun, so feel free to blast it and don’t hesitate to dance around the living room or even jump on the bed.

Photo credit for the featured image goes out to a #RainbowsForRobbie contributor named ERIK from the UK

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