Sponge Fest

For Us Not Them (Fr.U.N.T) is striving to bring the underground to the surface. We are providing a platform for artists and musicians alike to help showcase their work. We are also giving art admirers and music fans the opportunity to discover artists, they perhaps wouldn’t have heard of otherwise.

Why are we doing this?

The “industry” caters to mainstream pop fans, while many other genres are often thrown into the ash heaps when it comes to marketing and promotions. Why?



Them2We buy band merchandise

We buy tickets, we go to shows

We buy  CD’s, vinyl, music downloads and even cassettes

We support local and national music acts

We support the arts

We are artists

We are musicians

We live the lifestyle


Isn’t that enough to establish our legitimate demand? But where’s the supply?

We understand that corporations drive the “industry”, and capitalize on the latest trends every chance they get. We are in no way trying to ride the gravy train with these rat bastards; we actually would like to throw them from the train and take control of where it is headed.

There are MILLIONS of us who do not subscribe to the mainstream. This means that MILLIONS of people are not buying what they are selling. We have seriously been overlooked as consumers, especially when there is an obvious market that has barely been tapped into.

It’s time for us determine our net worth and justify our existence as musicians, artists and fans. This is our opportunity.