Alabama Shakes Has An Amazing Performance on SNL

I admit I have been an SNL fan since I was a little kid and I really enjoy the new cast and talent. As you should know, there is always a musical act that performs twice during the show. Recently I have been using the musical performance times to smoke a cigarette in the smoking section of my home because the guests have not intrigued me enough to listen all the way through. This past episode was the exception to that rule.

Alabama Shakes blew me away and captivated me enough to not leave the comfort of my living room. Instead I stayed glued to TV admiring the bands talents and the pure soul of Brittany Howard’s unbelievable voice and her bewitching stage presence. The second song played by the band was “Gimme All Your Love”, which easily was the highlight of the show. The fake commercial at the beginning was a close second.

I get my music from all different sources but I haven’t relied on SNL in a long time to be an outlet for my musical needs. I have always been okay with this because SNL is my go-to for comedy but if they keep getting acts of this caliber, I may have to revisit my last statement.

Be on the lookout for a new album entitled Sound & Color due out in April 2015

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