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Brooklyn-based Bugs in the Dark formed in 2007, three musically-inclined people who wanted to challenge themselves to write music without a bass, music that didn’t take the obvious route. After two years of touring and a couple of EPs, their drummer Julia Lomax headed to California, leaving behind Karen Rockower and Zach Glass, both on guitar and vocals. After trying out several drummers, they ended up with Richie Crescenti, who turned out to be the perfect fit.

Since then, they’ve been busy building their repertoire and playing shows, writing new music and being creative.

Their newest EP is Cross My Heart Little Death and it’s a powerful fusion of noisy 90’s alternative rock and modern punk sensibilities. Part fuzzed-out guitars, part growled-out punky vocals, part squealing feedback noise, and all thrashed sounds, Bugs in the Dark is bringing back music with more than a touch of experimental rock art. The guitars and percussion are tightly knitted together and provide an excellent foil for both vocalists.

Lyrically, the songs on Cross My Heart Little Death are gritty, the kind of songs I’d expect a band to play at a dive bar in the desert, after the end of the world. Dust, sand and ennui. Same old party, same old clothes / Same old shit going up my nose (from “Wasted”). Some tracks have a more creepy vibe, like Take these broken fingers / And put them in the ground / Blood to body / Flesh to bone / Now I want to be alone (from “Dirty”).

The songs on the EP stand up well together, leading the listener from one song to another in a jagged, sharp-edged artistic journey. I definitely would recommend this, and I bet Bugs in the Dark are a great band to see live.

Standout tracks: Red Lines, Wasted
5 tracks, 19:30, total time of album
Album drops November 18, 2014

Bugs in the Dark is Zach Glass (guitar, vocals), Karen Rockower (guitar, vocals), and Richie Crescenti (drums).

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