Album Review: The Tim Version “Ordinary Life”


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I love the opening track “For the Birds”, which calmly says “Hello” followed by an instant couple of measures of guitar and snare with an immediate interjection of vocals, that some-what resemble those of Dave Grohl; if only he were a little more punk. This would certainly be a stand out track for me as well as the folky acoustic tune “Holidays and Birfdays”. You had me at harmonica but the whistling made me envious as I have tried my whole life to put my lips together and blow with very little success. Please don’t take that out-of-context.

“Men of Compromise” has a sampled Bertrand Russell intro: “Power, like vanity, is insatiable. Nothing short of omnipotence could satisfy it completely. And as it is especially the vice of energetic men, the causal efficacy of love of power is out of all proportion to its frequency. It is, indeed, by far the strongest motive in the lives of important men.” This song is about the company man, politicians and those who step on anyone to achieve another rung on the ladder. Very well written.

Ordinary Life: 12 Tracks

Stand Out Tracks: For the Birds, Holidays and Birfdays and Men of Compromise

No Idea Records

Released September 23rd 2014

Overall I am very impressed with this entire LP. Each song stands alone in both sound and uniqueness. Too many bands have difficulty straying from their signature sound, ultimately causing the listener to lose interest , this is not the case with this The Tim Version. I have no criticisms at all, only an observation. The serene cover photo of trees reflecting on tranquil waters doesn’t depict the feel of the entire album, at least that’s my opinion. Although, I keep reminding myself not to judge music by its cover and in this case I was pleasantly surprised.

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