Amnesia Rockfest 2015 Line-Up Announced!!!

So I don’t know about you but I have been so eager to find out the line-up for the 10th annual Amnesia Rockfest taking place over the course of 4 days (June 18th-21st) this year in Montebello, Quebec. If you are like me, you have continuously checked the Amnesia Rockfest website only to find a picture of tighty whiteys and a caption saying something to the effect of: you will crap your pants when the line-up is announced. Well I will not reveal if that happened but I am very happy with the announcement today!

So as I anticipated the announcement, I saw social-media posts stating that the exclusive line-up would be announced via The “prestigious RollingStone.” I wonder if founder Alex Martel ever imagined that his brain-child of a festival would mutate into the monster it has become. Anyway without further adieu here it is:





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