Anti-Flag Takes a Firm Stand On Police Brutality

Here are a series of recent posts on social media by Anti-Flag regarding their stance on the recent police brutality and injustice that has swept recent headlines in America. I’ve got to hand it to these guys, they really know how to hold true to their convictions.


Photography By: Rob Smittix

“Through the cases of Eric Garner, Michael Brown and all those who have suffered at the hands of racism, police brutality and an unjust legal system, there is a loud and important public discourse. Based on recent actions, we feel that Brian Drusky, the owner of the company promoting our show in Pittsburgh, is on the wrong side of that conversation. For this reason we do not feel comfortable playing a show he’s promoting. Confronting bigotry and blind allegiance to power with education is something Anti-Flag believe in. We hope that Brian Drusky will have that education process happen in his future. While we believe in people’s ability to change and become educated, there must be consequences for the things that he said. As four individuals from Pittsburgh, PA, our power at times can feel limited; this is an instance where we can exercise our power by not working with Brian Drusky. Anti-Flag has always and will always stand with people who are fighting for justice and against those who belittle that fight.”

“We’ll be announcing the new venue for our Feb. 6th Pittsburgh show in the next few days, along with refund information for those of you who have purchased tickets to the cancelled Altar Bar show. Update: The February 6th Pittsburgh show has been moved to Mr. Smalls. Tickets are available here:”

“The Fuck Police Brutality T-shirts are back. Each shirt comes with an instant digital download of our new version of “Police Story.” A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the ACLU to aid in the fight against police brutality.” Order Here




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