“Battle of Today” By: Smittix -Today Is Mom’s Birthday And It’s An Important One

Today is Mom’s birthday and it’s a very special day to say the least. It was just over a year ago that we got the news that Mom has lung cancer and over the course of the last year she’s endured multiple surgeries including brain surgery. A few months ago she had a walker and a wheelchair and had to be on oxygen all of the time. I don’t know what you believe in but I can tell you that a miracle occurred. Mom said a prayer basically asking the question, what’s it gonna be?

She didn’t want to keep going on like this, in pain and bedridden all of the time; then she woke up one morning feeling good. She kept it secret for a few days because she didn’t want to jinx it but I am happy to report Mom has been doing really well! In the past few months Mom has done some traveling, went to a concert and spends a lot of her time by the pool and eating lots of ice-cream ;).

I love you Mom and I am so very happy to see you doing well and in great spirits! Happy Birthday to my BAD ASS WARRIOR and HERO, My Mom!

Note: A fundraiser at smittix.com has been created to benefit lung cancer research, click HERE.

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