Blast from the Past: 1979 – “Rapper’s Delight” by the Sugar Hill Gang

The Fruntman and I were talking the other day about the history of rap and hip-hop music and I recounted my memories of hearing Rapper’s Delight by the Sugar Hill Gang.  Every kid in my suburban Miami neighborhood had the LP, and we all played it over and over and over, trying to memorize all the words.  Whenever the song came on the radio, you’d have groups of kids rapping along with the song.

Rapper’s Delight was certainly not the first hip-hop song, nor was it the first song to feature rapping.  But its popularity helped move a genre of music that had been confined mostly to the inner cities into the public consciousness.

And just because I love triva, Rapper’s Delight was the first album released by Sugar Hill Records, which was founded by Joe and Sylvia Robinson.  Sylvia Robinson was a talented singer, songwriter, producer and is considered to be the mother of hip-hop.

The unedited version of Rapper’s Delight clocks in at close to 15 minutes; this version is significantly shorter, but still very awesome.



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