Blast from the Past: 2003 – “Like This” by the X-ecutioners

This may sound kinda weird, but a lot of my introduction and love of hip-hop music came from the SSX series of games originally created for the PS2.  Each game had the most amazing music and when you’re playing the games almost obsessively, the music becomes the soundtrack to your life.

One of my favorite tracks off of SSX 3 was Like This by the X-ecutioners.  The X-ecutioners are a group of hip-hop DJs/turntablists from NYC that got their start back in the 90s and they’ve worked with some of the biggest and best names in the business.  Turntablism is becoming a lost art, in our modern world, but the X-ecutioners are undeniably masters of their craft.

There is an official video for Like This, but it’s appears to only be part of the song.

The whole song can be heard here:

And as a added bonus, check out this live performance in 1996 where the X-ecutioners show the audience what hip-hop really means.

by cardiac_in_overdrive (@cardiac_ovrdrv)

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