Erik Petersen Tribute Compilation Available Via Casual Crust Records

ErikP1Recently I wrote an article entitled  “Remembering Erik Petersen, His Music Lives On“, well his music does live on and this time through the voices and instruments of his musical peers. Casual Crust Records has assembled a great line-up of musicians and bands to take on some of Erik’s and Mischief Brew’s finest work. 100% of proceeds from this compilation album are being donated to Erik’s family which include the pugs of course :).

The tribute album can be purchased HERE through Bandcamp and the track list is below.

Note: One would assume the mural to the left is on a street corner somewhere in the Philadelphia area but that would be incorrect, this beautiful dedication took place at Outcider Festival in Somerset, England. A lyric from “Departure/Arrival” so fittingly sprayed “May your songs never get stuck outta my head”. If anyone knows the mural artist’s name I’d like to give credit where credit is due, let me know.  ***Update***: the muralist is Braga last1, check out more of his work HERE.



ErikP2Erik Petersen Tribute Comp

Released August 15th 2016

Casual Crust Records

100% Proceeds Donated


1 TRAGWAG -Departure/Arrival

2 Matt Pless -Children Play With Matches

3 everyone except me -Roll Me Through the Gates of Hell

4 C is For Cadaver -Nevada City Serenade

5 Nate Mays -Coffee, God & Cigarettes

6 Gnarlos -Thanks Bastards

7 Dog Years -Save A City

8 The 4% -Stuff’s Weird

9 Run Rabbit Run -Love & Rage

10 Breathe Dissent -Boycott Me

11 Parking Lot Bandits -For an Old Kentucky Anarchist

12 Trendy Dog with Sunglasses -Gimme Coffee or Death

13 A Bird Among Men -Gratitude & Thanks

14 Cats Not Cops -Lowly Carpenter

15 Copper Iscariot -Squatter Envy

16 So Death Cannot Find Me -O’ Pennsyltucky


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