Fat Mike and Fan “Alex” Make Amends

I had to post about this because NOFX is one of my all-time favorite bands.

So a video surfaced last week on YouTube showing Fat Mike hitting and kicking a fan on stage at a show in Australia. The fan dodged past security and approached Mike by putting his arm around his neck. Mike’s reaction was a split second decision to hit the fan and then kick him. If you watched the video that has been circulating you would most likely say to yourself that was a dick-move by Mike.

But if you watched the video that hasn’t been making its way around the internet as much, you may actually understand Mike’s decision to take the offensive. Here’s a quote taken directly from the Twitter page of the fan that charged Fat Mike, his name is Alex,  “How could anyone hate him? It’s not his fault, learn the whole story. Don’t blame him. He said his neck was in pain and I still went up and obviously hurt him.”


I do not necessarily agree with Mike’s decision but at the same time he didn’t have much time to think about his reaction. Fat Mike clearly didn’t see the guy coming and for all he knew he was being attacked. If you took the time to watch the lesser viewed video you should understand that the band (especially Mike) was being tormented by the audience the entire night. The Mortal Combat reference in this video was also a great addition to the entertainment value as a whole.

At one point Mike pleaded with the crowd to stop throwing stuff at them and then was immediately struck by an object in the chest. Mike also repeatedly advised the crowd that he was having neck pain, so when the fan came at him on stage and grabbed Mike by the neck, how was he supposed to react?

What would you have done in this situation? What would Jesus do? lol

Again I do not 100% agree with the reaction but it was a split decision that I am sure Mike would change if he had the chance to take it back. NOFX has never been known to be a violent band and they never will be. It’s not as though Mike provoked the incident or asked for this to happen. It just happened. Fortunately, the fan “Alex” and Fat Mike have made amends.

Below are tweeted conversations from Alex the fan and Fat Mike.

Alex: “Calm down guys, it didn’t even hurt.”

Alex: I’m sure he feels terrible, and so do I. It’s the past now for both of us, and the public needs to stop worrying as well.”

Alex: “He mentioned that his neck hurt, and that was just his instant reaction to get me off of him.”

Alex:  “thanks for the KO mike, didn’t hurt too much. Soz for creepin up on you like, punk shows are a bit different down here.”

Fat Mike: “I’m sorry too Alex, I was in terrible pain all night. When you grabbed me by the neck I defensively reacted… offensively.”

Fat Mike: “Alex, if you go to the show on Friday I’ll buy you a beer. Just don’t throw it at me alright?”


Alex: “Thanks again for the best night of my life Mike, and El Hefe and Eric Melvin.”

Fat Mike: “Big thanks to everyone at the Sydney show last night! super fun! My neck feels better, no bottles were thrown and Alex got a do-over.”

Alex: “Pretty embarrassed that I fucked up the lyrics to Linoleum last night, I was so fucking nervous getting on stage with NoFX.Thanks again guys.”



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