Featured Fr.U.N.T. Follower: Bad Buka

The members of Bad Buka come from across the country, and from parts of Eastern Europe. This diversity in their lineup probably contributes to their extremely colorful sound. Part punk, part Slavic folk music, part rock ‘n’ roll, Bad Buka is a band that refuses to be defined or categorized.
They released their first full length album last year and continue to play shows in various venues in NYC. Hopefully this coming year will bring us more shows, maybe a tour, and new music.

thruthenight2 a2600062021_2
Through The Night
All The Angels

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Bad Buka is Slavko Bosnjak (vocals), Christofer Lovrin (guitar, vocals), Cooper Gorrie (guitar, trumpet, everything else), Kari Bethke (violin), Carla T (MC, vocals, tambourine), Charles Schmid (drums, chopsticks), Lady Diana (vocals, percussion), Ben Backus (bass), John Carlson (trumpet madness), and John Sully (percussion).

Fr.U.N.T. Music was lucky enough to interview Bad Buka, read the interview here.

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