Fr.U.N.T. Music EXCLUSIVE U.S. PREMIERE: Psychocide “Mary” Music Video!!!

We at Fr.U.N.T. Music are extremely proud to present the EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE in the United States of the NEWEST music video from Psychocide for their song “Mary” off of their recently released debut album ‘Alcohol + Bad Decisions’ -order HERE.

Psychocide has been in our sights quite a bit this year, you may remember the band had landed our Video of the Day not once but twice already in 2017. The first VOTD was back in January for their song “Paranoia” and the second time was in March for “Crazy Janet”. Today we will show you why we have been paying so much attention to this Montreal-based band. It is our pleasure to present to you the EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE for the music video “Mary”! Visit:


Fr.U.N.T. Music EXCLUSIVE US Music Video PREMIERE: Psychocide "Mary"


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