Fr.U.N.T. Music Interviews Beebs and Her Money Makers By: Rob Smittix

So I just had the opportunity to interview one the most “keeping it real” Ska bands in the galaxy, Beebs and Her Money Makers! And by keeping it real, I mean keeping it Ska and keeping it fun!


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Rob Smittix: Congratulations on the new album. Würst Album Ever! Is this carefully selected and well thought out album title just a simple play on words or is it a ploy to throw off critics?

Beebs: Well, haters seemed to be having so much fun criticizing us that we had to try it for ourselves…Ya know, to see what the hype was all about. Turns out it’s actually really fun! The Würst Album Ever is our way of saying, “We get it now.” 🙂

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beebsRob: You are all very talented musicians and I consider myself lucky to have experienced your band live. I witnessed skank’n hot dogs and a gigantic robot as well as non-stop dancing and amazing musicianship. With all of that being said, I am curious if the skank’n wiener and the bratwurst reference in the album title have a more significant meaning than the obvious. Also wondering, does the Robot have a name?

Beebs: Well the robot does have a name, it’s the Jam-Bot: an evil pawn sent by our nemesis, the Jamburglar, to destroy us. However, the Jam-Bot’s one weakness is music. No matter the evil task at hand, if he hears music, he can’t help but shake his metallic booty. We’re not sure how an evil mastermind like the Jamburglar would overlook such an obvious flaw but we’re grateful for it. As for the hot dog … it’s so sophisticated that we don’t even get it.

Rob: Beebs, you are an amazing singer but you also play the kazoo, which is often underestimated as an instrument. Your kazoo skills are fantastic by the way! Who are your influences when it comes to your vocal styling, lyric writing or even kazoo playing?

Beebs: My influences are pretty eclectic. Vocally, I’d say the biggest ones are Patsy Cline, Gwen Stefani and Chuck D. Mostly Chuck D. Lyrically, I draw a lot of inspiration from Dr. Seuss and also Dr. Phil. And my kazoo skills come from Jupiter’s moons and the atmospheric pressure of Pluto’s orbiting velocity of John Stamos, basically. If I got into it much more than that it might get convoluted and confusing.


Rob: So as I understand you are sponsored by Ripley’s and that’s a pretty big deal. Your video “Jumpin’” was even shot on set at a Ripley’s Believe It or Not, which is by far one of the coolest settings for a music video ever! Also, I saw an interview that you conducted with Reel Big Fish for BaHMM TV and you tried to get Aaron to make out with a shrunken head; which I assume is from Ripley’s collection and not your own. So let me ask are shrunken heads really real? Have you seen and/or do you believe in mermaids? Is there any other interesting information that you can share with us about your experience at Ripley’s?

Beebs: First of all, yes, the shrunken head in that video IS real. His name is Stanley and he loves ice cream. And of course I believe in mermaids. We have a group of mermaid friends in St. Augustine that we play water polo with once a month. We’ve yet to score a point.

Partnering with Ripley’s certainly brought us on an adventure. We got to drive the world’s smallest car through their final-scene-of-Indiana-Jones style warehouse. We’ve held two headed cows, six legged goats and an alien named Joe. Wait, I wasn’t supposed to tell you about the alien thing…don’t print that.

Rob: Too late!! Anyway, Warped Tour is approaching fast, you have a new album out and things are looking up. Anything else that we should be aware of?

Beebs: YES we have big plans for our show this summer and we’re enlisting the help of our fans to make it happen! We’ve always been known for having confetti at our shows, and this year we’ve teamed up with the industry’s leading confetti manufacturer- Flutter Fetti, to bring you the ultimate party experience. And to make it even more epic, we will have confetti sticks available at our merch tent so fans can join in on the madness!

So get you some confetti, get your butt to the show, get close and GO NUTS!


-Beebs <3

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