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Music has no boundaries, and Nitro Injekzia is a perfect example of that. Two Russians and a Canadian playing their particular brand of melodic hardcore, relentlessly touring through their adopted home of Germany as well as neighboring France and the Czech Republic. With a driving rhythm and a chin-up D.I.Y. ethos, this band hopes to inject some punk rock into the bloodstream of the European musical landscape.

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Fr.U.N.T. Music had the opportunity to ask Kostya Orloff a few questions and he was gracious enough to take the time to chat with us.

Cardiac_in_Overdrive: Can you give us a little background about yourselves? How do two Russians and a Canadian end up forming a band in Berlin?

Kostya Orloff: It was very simple. We live in Berlin, which has always been multicultural. Heckfy and I are from Russia, but we met here. We knew each other for a few years and played in some different projects before forming Nitro Injekzia in 2011. In 2012 we were looking for a new drummer and Dave joined us.

CiO: What are the band’s biggest inspirations? Other musicians, writers, artists?

KO: We have a lot of inspirations. We are open minded, we’ve been inspired by everything from jazz to grindcore. Inspiration is like a drug, you are always looking for something new. And, of course, it is not only music that inspires us. If I start to write down everything that inspires us, it will be a very long list. Pretty much anything outside of the mainstream.

CiO: So far, Nitro Injekzia has put out a D.I.Y. EP and two full length albums, and your music has been on a bunch of samplers and compilations. Are you looking for a record label, or are you happy doing it all yourself?

KO: We are happy doing it all ourselves, sure. We enjoy our independence. We do what we can do, and we give it 100%. Our friends help, for example, all the covers of our CDs and music videos are done by friends. But if someone comes to us one day and says, “Hey guys, I like your music, I will support you!” then we can talk about it.

CiO: What’s does the band enjoy the most about touring?

KO: Playing our music, of course. And every show on a tour is different. But also traveling around is just great. It is unique way of life. Every time I go back home, I think it wasn’t real, that it was just a dream.

CiO: Does the band have a social or political message that they want to get out to their fans? Or are you trying to be apolitical?

KO: I think it is not possible to be completely apolitical. Even if somebody is singing: “Sha la la, I love you so much” you can still interpret it as a political message. And if I am singing in one of my songs: “Stop this train, it is going in the wrong direction. It is time to go out here!!!” you can interpret that as a political or social or philosophical message.

When we go on stage and do our show, we do it honestly and we give 100%. We burn and we die there and we give all our energy, not for money or success but because we like it, and because it is our way of life. It is more than a social/political message and it is more than just music.

CiO: Your new album D.F.M.B. recently dropped, you’ve got a new video out and are currently touring Germany to support the album. What’s next for the band?

KO: We will try to do as many concerts as possible. But I think in the next few months we will also start to work on a new album. We already have some new ideas. And we want to make a new video.


Nitro Injekzia is Kostya Orloff (vocals, bass), Heckfy (guitar), David Walton (drums, vocals). Their newest album D.F.M.B. was released recently and they’ve been touring Germany in support of it. Catch them live if you can.

by Cardiac_in_Overdrive (@cardiac_ovrdrv)

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