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The Library is on Fire is an indie rock band formed in 2007.  To date, they’ve released four albums, one of which was just released on April 15th, Halcyon and Surrounding Areas.  This band is wildly talented and while all of their music falls under the indie rock genre, each and every song they’ve released has a unique sound and feeling.  The band takes a sincere and authentic approach to music composition, evident by their ability to stand apart from the masses of bands populating the Brooklyn music scene.  The band’s new single, Red Flags, conveys a contrasting sound to the rest of their album, yet the unifying theme of the music shows a cohesiveness not typically found in albums of this type.

Fr.U.N.T. Music had the opportunity to ask The Library is On Fire  a few questions and the band was gracious enough to take the time to chat with us.

Justine: Do you find that elements of your personal taste in music become incorporated into compositions or pieces you write collectively?

The Library is On Fire: Of course. Isn’t that essentially what an artist does, from choosing what band to be in and which songs to include in a repertoire, down to their personal appearance and style? I guess style can be pragmatic though. But it’s that old David Copperfield adage: the point is self-actualization.

J: At which point in your lives, did you decide you were truly interested in music?

TLiOF: I’m pretty sure all if us innately knew we wanted to play music from almost a larval stage. I remember using the long yellow Lego sticks as drum sticks when I was 3 years old. Cory and I have been playing together since he was 14 and I was 17. You don’t choose it, it chooses you, I think.

J: Is there ever conflict between band members?  If so, do you find anything constructive comes to fruition creatively as a result?

TLiOF: We usually get along pretty well, but Cory and I have known each other so long we tend to get in really intense fights. Here is a screenshot of a recent conversation, quite possibly not suitable for publication:lof1

J: Steve Five, I need to know.  Is Five your real last name? It’s fabulous.

Steve Five: Yes, it’s my real last name, it’s Hungarian. But it was changed by some pencil pusher on Ellis Island. My family doesn’t even know the original spelling.

The album Halcyon and Surrounding Areas was released on April 15th.  You can hear more of The Library is On Fire on their website, or visit their Facebook. Also, look for the new album on iTunes and other digital music retailers.

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