Fr.U.N.T. Music Rings in the New Year Twiddle Style!

One of Vemont’s finest exports for over the past 10 years, has been the jamtastic quartet known as TwiddleMihali Savoulidis on the ax and lead vocals, Ryan Dempsey on the keys, Brooke Jordan holding the beat down on the skins with his other half Zdenek Gubb on the bass.  This New Years Eve, they brought their cohesive “frendship” (purposely misspelled) to Albany’s Palace Theater for a near sold out performance with guest acts Soule Monde & Aqueous.

Twiddle took the stage with all cylinders firing, and opened with the song “Moments” one of their newest, and only the third time being played live.  The boys heated up and got the party going with a swanky “Daydream Farmer”, half way through the first set, and closed with the crowd pleasing “Apples”.  Ya gotta like apples man.

The second set opened with all three bands on stage to sing “Auld Lang Syne” and they stayed there for a killer “BBQ” with all members joining in. Next was a “Polluted Beauty” and “Zazu’s Flight” to keep the bodies moving. And it only got better from there with a groovy “Jamflowman” followed by one of the most raging “Frankenfootes” to date to close out the 2nd set.  And just when you thought you were all jammed up and out, they returned for a “Layla” encore debuted for the first time featuring members of Aqueous that brought down the house.  An amazing end to a truly amazing year for these guys.  If you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor and check Twiddle out.  They are going places and you should come along for the ride to the peak.

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