Happy 1st B-Day to Us Not Them!


Today marks the one year anniversary of For Us Not Them’s first post. Radio For Us and Them was the title of the piece I wrote explaining my frustration with commercial radio and how they only seem to cater to mainstream audiences. Thus we’ve created the “Anti-Mainstream” as an attempt to “bring the underground to the surface”. So far so good.

Originally the site was going to be geared towards all aspects of artistic expression but we certainly found our niche with Fr.U.N.T. Music.

Our first interview was with the hard rocking act MÖRDWÖLF, these guys were just hilarious and really set the tone for the future of Fr.U.N.T.. After that I met up with former Dropkick Murphys’ guitarist Rick Barton for an in studio interview, while he and he son Stephen were recording tracks for their band Continental. A month later I venture back to the heart of Boston to interview Rick Barton, Mike McColgan (Street Dogs, Former Dropkick Murphys) and Johnny Rioux (Street Dogs) about their new side project FM359. I’d like to take a moment and really thank Rick for the opportunities that he has made possible for me. While I was in Boston that day I also met Jay Stone of Dying Scene (dyingscene.com) and soon after joined their staff in addition to what I was already doing for Fr.U.N.T.

With Dying Scene my first assignment was to go to the Lower East Side of Manhattan and interview the Butcher Knives but one of my favorite bands Bad Buka was also playing there that night. I knew this was a concert I didn’t want to miss, especially with supporting acts such as Escarioka and . At this show I also met Pedro from Gogol Bordello and to me that was just a super bonus. Cardiac In Overdrive also came along to do a show review for Fr.U.N.T..

Dying Scene and Fr.U.N.T. also were present at Amnesia Rockfest and here I got to interview, hangout with and drink beers with some of my all time favorite performers including but not limited to NOFX and Tim Armstrong. I also got to be a photographer for Joan Jett and the Backhearts, Primus, Alkaline Trio, Suicidal Tendencies and many more.

Another REAL BIG highlight of the year was interviewing the guys from Reel Big Fish and when I tagged along as camera man for the Mindless Self Indulgence interview. I really would like to thank our staff for all of their hard work, especially Cardiac In Overdrive for everything she has done over the years not only for our site but in my personal life as well!

We are thrilled to be a part of the music world and your lives and we look forward to another year of adventure! Thank you so much for the support.


Rob Smittix (Fruntman) and all of us here at forusnotthem.com




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