Logan Greene Electric- Dead Formats -Album Review

Logan Greene Electric

Diet Pop Records

Dead Formats


The album cover reminds me of the television set when you wake up at 3 o’clock in the morning and all you hear is the endless tone of the local station signed off.

The first 3 tracks are the foundation for the story that is told through out this EP. “Get over it” could be the acceptance stage that there is in fact trouble in paradise but there’s still an inkling of hope. “Cognitive Emissions” is the grasping onto this hope but losing grip. “Cognitive Remissions” is realization of the painful truth.

The somber chords and spirited percussion on the track “New Life” really put my mind in a place where I just want to drink myself to sleep while I dwell on the shouda, woulda and couldas. The words in this tune really hit home for me and this is not a bad thing because I know someone else out there feels the same way and for that I carry this as my new anthem. Thank you Logan Greene Electric for this song.



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New Life lyrics

“I want a drug that won’t bring me down. Build me up or leave me glued to the ground. I don’t need to get high. Just don’t wanna feel like I wanna die. I wanna girl who can calm me down. Won’t get fed up when I lose my ground. Just wanna make her smile instead of cry. I wanna job that won’t mess me up. Some of these kids, they just don’t give a fuck. So why should I try, when we’re all just gonna die? Don’t need a drug. Don’t need a girl. I don’t need anything, I hate this world. I want a new life.”

As a song writer myself, I have a certain respect for writers who can say what they actually feel and not what they may be expected to say. From beginning to end Dead Formats tells a tale that leads up to the final track “Never Coming Home”. Putting the heartbreak in the rear view mirror and hitting the road. Amen.

Track List

  1. Get Over It
  2. Cognitive Emissions
  3. Cognitive Remissions
  4. New Life
  5. Never Coming Home


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