New Album: You Bred Raptors? ‘International Genetics’ Out June 23rd! Order Here!

You Bred Raptors? will be releasing a new album entitled ‘International Genetics’  on June 23rd but you can order it HERE. YBR? has quickly become one our favorite bands here at Fr.U.N.T Music and for no other reason than they’re phenomenal.

An excerpt from our recent interview with Peat Rains about the future of YBR?  “It’s a new phase for us as a band and after 7 years of grinding and almost 1,000 shows, we are finally gaining traction. We’re going to smash this fucking ceiling above us that we keep hitting. We’re going to start sleeping with the right people so we can finally get ahead in this crazy business.” To check out our entire interview click HERE.

Also click below to hear the recently released track “Stalemate” from the new album. ENJOY!

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