New EP Entitled ‘One’ By: Shoot The Moon

So I recently stumbled upon a band called Shoot The Moon from Bristol, UK and I’ve got to say, I was highly impressed with their sound. The first song I heard was called “It’s A Trap” and as I watched the video that coincided (see below), I realized I found a band that we should be paying close attention to.

What I enjoyed so much about this band was that they brought me back to a time period in ska music that I thought had sadly died off. Not that there is a shortage of emerging ska bands but in my opinion the wave that captured bands such as Catch 22 and Mad Caddies seems to have weakened in recent years but then along comes a band called Shoot The Moon to recapture that momentum that started in the mid-nineties.

Shoot The Moon also recently put out an EP entitled ‘One’ that you can order HERE. The song mentioned above “It’s a Trap” is one of the four songs listed on this release. Another stand out track for me is “Waiting” mainly due to the pure vulnerability that is poured out through this song’s lyrics. It is also uncommon that ska songs maintain a slow and mellow tempo but Shoot The Moon is a rarity, so they never cease to amaze!

Shoot The Moon ‘One’ Tracklist

1. It’s A Trap

2. Superpowers

3. Something Like This

4. Waiting


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