New EP: “HALaska” By: Hal Guitarist

So if I had to guess, I would assume that Hal Guitarist is not only a talented musician but after evaluating the style in which he writes his lyrics, I’d say he’s a poet as well; or maybe he’s a poet and doesn’t know it! Regardless, I have found poetry in all four tracks from Hal’s latest EP entitled HALaska. Here’s a quick example of what I am talking about, from the song “Thrown Of Lies”:

“I walk across the step less stair
And wonder aloud if I should even care
I listen to the wingless crow
Asking me as if I’m supposed to know”

See what I am saying? It’s a song and a poem, it’s a hybrid.

One may also assume that there is a hint of Bob Dylan influence in Hal’s music, you hear it slightly in his voice and the harmonica helps draw you closer to this conclusion as well. Who knows? I didn’t ask. Perhaps Hal thinks Dylan is an overrated schmuck and how dare I even use his name in the same sentence. Well I’ll apologize in advance if this is the case after all Dylan is not the only folk-singer to walk the earth, now is he? I digress.

Stand out tracks:

“Bowling Green Massacre” loosely interprets a dream that Hal has about a disaster that may or may not have occurred in a place that might as well have been Sweden, Atlanta or Bowling Green while in route train-bound to Memphis or New Orleans. One thing is for certain the lyrics are as confusing as a real-life dream which leads me to believe that this may have actually been a dream that Hal actually had. More speculation but that’s what I do.

“Delusional Fools” is the song I find I will listen to the most on this EP and the reason is simple, it reminds me of a song that you will hear as the final credits roll at the end of a film that leaves you wondering and wanting more. Just as this EP will leave you.

Bonus: “Shock and Awe (59 Missiles)” This is obviously a song about Trump’s recent military action in Syria, so because it’s about current events we decided to post it below.


Hal Guitarist HALaska EP


1. The Dancer

2. Throne of Lies

3.Bowling Green Massacre

4. Delusional Fools

And if you download it today, you get a special bonus track, “Shock and Awe (59 Missiles).”


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