New Music – BLXPLTN – “No Fly Zone”


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Austin rockers BLXPLTN dropped the first single, No Fly List, off of what will eventually become their second album, and it’s an example of how powerful music can be. It starts off with a brief and playful East Asian-influenced riff before dropping into a driving soundscape of heavy synth and drums, peppered with Khattie Q’s punky guitar work and screams. The lyrics are relevant and incendiary, You’ve got a problem with the color of my skin/no violence, no violence/no fly list, no fly list, and the whole song pulls together into a structural whole.

It’s an amazing track and I can wait to see what BLXPLTN comes up with next.

Also, check out their op-ed piece on Huffington Post How Protest Music Powerfully Epitomizes the Black Lives Matter Movement.

BLXPLTN is TaSzlin Muerte (electro drums, vocals), Jonathan “Javelin” Horstmann (bass, synth, vocals), and Khattie, aka Lil K Big Q (guitar, screams). They’re currently playing a handful of unofficial (or maybe even anti-) SXSW shows throughout March as they continue to work on their next album. You can check out my review of their debut album Black Cop Down here.

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