New Music from Anastasia Markov – “Einstein”


When I last spoke to Anastasia Markov, she had just returned from time-traveling to the past with her friend Sarah in hopes of defeating the League of Pretty Decent Guys That Don’t Like Songs Written About Them, members: 1.

Actually, I think Anastasia’s just been busy working and creating new music, which is always awesome. From the bit of Facebook stalking I did, it seems she’s taken up kitten-napping as a hobby, or maybe I’m just jumping to conclusions. Either way, Anastasia has a new video for her song Einstein which showcases her extremely unique folk punk sound.

Her music is definitely upbeat in feel, while retaining a unconventional lyricism that owes much to traditional storytelling. It looks like she’s spent 2014 working on new music and she’s recently released a two song EP of new material. Additionally, she’s got a few shows scheduled for the beginning of the year. I hope to see more of this talented young musician in 2015. With or without kittens.

Check out her video and her music, and catch her on stage if you can.

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by cardiac_in_overdrive (@cardiac_ovrdrv)

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