New Music: The Harmonica Lewinskies release single”Smile Today” and announce their Newest/Final Album

The Harmonica Lewinskies announce the release of their newest and what is said to be their final album #BringBackBush, due out sometime this summer. The reason the band will be voluntarily closing the final curtain on themselves is due to the passing of their bandmate Dan McLane, who left this world unexpectedly last April. Although they still keep it fun and energetic, having a core member of their “family” missing from the mix is a void that can not be filled.

The good news is that you do not have to wait until summer to hear some of their new music. You can listen to “Smile Today” below which was Mclane’s song. As a tribute this song title has been eternally tattooed on drummer, Oliver Fetter’s body in Dan McLane’s own handwriting.


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