New Music Video: Caskitt “Blinders”

The latest video from Caskitt is for the song “Blinders”, a track on the soon-to-be released album Old Fires New Frontier out Sept. 16th but you can pre-order HERE. The lyrics to the song are posted below and I’ve got to say the message is pretty much the foundation on which Fr.U.N.T. Music was built or I guess you could say “strumming my pain with his finger”, okay that sounded gross. Anyway, check Caskitt out for yourself and see if they make you feel dirty inside too but in a good way!

“Blinders” Lyrics:

Turn on your television. Regurgitate your frustrations.
You can scream at the screens, cursing all that you see,
but your anger is bought and sold.
Through propaganda and ignorance.
You think you’re making a difference.
From sea to shining sea,
wolves devour the sheep,
your fear consuming all that you know….
One day you’ll be forced to reap all that you sow.
And you’ll be choking on the hate-speak
you tried to pass down to your sons and your daughters,
as you were led to be slaughtered.
And you’re realizing that you’re all alone.
Surrounding changes scaring you to your bones.
And we’ll bury you six feet deep in your hatred,
it’s so moronic and dated,
free and uneducated.
It’s time to take those blinders off!


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