New: Rancid Album- ‘Trouble Maker’ Out Today!!!! Order HERE!

When you wake up and there’s a new Rancid album, the world is a much better place.  Order HERE.

19 new songs now released from the bay-area punk rockers, which are available on every media platform in existence. Rancid vowed to “journey to the end” and after a quarter-decade there seems to be no end in sight; they’re still going strong! Below you will find a video sample of “Ghost of a Chance” which is the 2nd track on the new album ‘Trouble Maker’. You’ll enjoy seeing the guys jamming out in the garage just like the old days, biggest difference now is Tim has more hair on his face than his head. ENJOY!

A message from Rancid’s social media about the album: “We are excited to be sharing our new record with you today! TROUBLE MAKER was inspired by freedom of speech and people using music as a message. We hope you enjoy listening to it, as much as we enjoyed recording it. See ya in the pit!”

Trouble Maker Track List

1. “Track Fast”
2. “Ghost of a Chance”
3. “Telegraph Avenue”
4. “An Intimate Close Up of a Street Punk Trouble Maker”
5. “Where I’m Going”
6. “Buddy”
7. “Farewell Lola Blue”
8. “All American Neighborhood”
9. “Bovver Rock and Roll”
10. “Make It Out Alive”
11. “Molly Make Up Your Mind”
12. “I Got Them Blues Again”
13. “Beauty of the Pool Hall”
14. “Say Goodbye to Our Heroes”
15. “I Kept a Promise”
16. “Cold Cold Blood”
17. “This is Not the End”
18. “We Arrived on Time” (bonus track)
19. “Go On Rise Up” (bonus track)

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