Album Review: NOFX “Backstage Passport” Soundtrack

NOFX Backstage Passport Soundtrack

Okay so I hate reality T.V. but Backstage Passport is probably about the best show that ever happened, ever; that’s a fact not my opinion. So I was very excited to receive this soundtrack to review. No I mean really fucking stoked, you have no idea.



NOFX is just about the most honest bands you will ever have the privilege to listen to. For the casual listener or for those that haven’t really paid attention for the last quarter of a century, NOFX may seem like a bunch of immature punks, singing about bullshit. But for those of us that know better they actually have something to say; although it may be sprinkled with sarcasm and satire.

The Backstage Passport Soundtrack is a collection of music that previously only appeared as clips on the show but now you can own it simply by clicking HERE for pre-order. Some of the songs tell a story of what I imagine are depictions of real-life and on the road stories; well for the most part anyway. I hope Fat Mike didn’t really purposely overdose a rich guy. Have I got your attention now?

“”The Greatest Country In the World” is a song that the band played for audiences in South Africa about their own country. The band was more than disappointed that when they were in South Africa the crowd consisted of almost all white kids. Not that NOFX literally wants to “kill all the white man” but it would’ve ben nice to see more black folks than just the security guards in the audience.

Another stand out track from the soundtrack is “Insulted By Germans (Again)”. This track puts me in stiches as it is not only comically speaking of the German response to NOFX but it mentions many countries individually i.e., “Canadians talk shit aboot me”, “Americans win the prize of stupidest of them all” and so on. One of my favorites from this album is “I, Melvin”, which is Melvin playing the accordion and singing about his woes in life and as a performer. He speaks about being the second guitarist and going through the motions on stage. This version of the song is for some reason depressing and inspiring at the same time. Either way I love it and you will too.

NOFX shows how much they really do care about their fans when touring the world, by taking themselves into sometimes dangerous situations just to perform for fans that would otherwise never have the chance to see a punk rock show. Just like the song says they are “going on a sketchy tour” and doing it all for their fans; more than occasionally risking getting ripped off by third world promoters and unsure if these shows will actually occur at all.

So recently Fat Mike got a lot of flack for the Australian incident but seriously to clear the record; here’s a band that went to the edges of the world for the fans and not for a big pay out either. I don’t know what it is about these punks that feel the need to spit on and throw shit at the band that is on stage to entertain them but NOFX truly does care about their fans despite recent media clips may have you believe.



I personally had the pleasure of meeting the band at Amnesia Rockfest earlier this year and the guys were nothing more than regular people on a quest to bring their music to the world. I was in my glory when I was invited to watch the band from on the stage for a few songs. NOFX is the real deal, if you ask me.




If you haven’t seen Backstage Passport recently I encourage you to watch it again for the first time.

Every time I watch it, I have to do a marathon and watch every episode in one night. It is that addicting. The anticipation for Backstage Passport 2 is overwhelming and from what I understand there may be a deal in the works with Netflix. In a fairly recent interview Fat Mike divulged that season 2 is more about South Africa and making up shows that they were unable to play during the first season.

Track List: Backstage Passport Soundtrack

Release December 9th (Vinyl in January 2015)

Pre-Order Here.

1).Backstage Passport12 Jacket (3mm Spine)

2). No Fun In Fundamentalism

3). Insulted By Germans (Again)

4). All My Friends In New York

5). You Will Lose Faith

6). Teenage Punching Bag

7). Leaving Jesusland (Live)

8). The Greatest Country in the World

9). Last Night Was Really Fun?

10). We’re Bros

11). Your Hubcaps Cost More Than My Car

12). Fan Mail

13). Arming the Proletariat With Potato Guns

14). I Melvin

15). Punk Rock Passport



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