On The Radar: Alien Space Kitchen


Alien Space Kitchen (“ASK”) comes from the land of UFO crashes, green chile enchiladas, peyote churches and meth lab RV’s, a place they call New Mexico. ASK recently released their second full-length album entitled Some of This Is True which you can listen to and purchase HERE and if you are fortunate enough to be in the Santa Fe area on September 17th you should attend the album release show at Box Car.

Alien Space Kitchen is now on Fr.U.N.T. Music’s radar, so keep a close eye on the sky and who knows maybe ASK will be landing in your town soon!

Here’s a little taste because you ASKed for it. This song is from the new album and it’s called: “The Decline and Fall of Western Civilization”

CD Release Show: Box CAR S Guadalupe St, Santa Fe, New Mexico @ 10pm Sept 17th 2016  with Steel Cranes (Oakland, CA) 

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