On The Radar: Bad Mothers

Bad Mothers

Listen HERE. “Why Bother” released February 10, 2017

My band Smittix recently played a show and Bad Mothers was one of the bands on the bill with us. I had yet to hear them play and I gotta say from the first song I was like “hell yes” this was a style and sound I could get into for sure. I was very impressed by how tight the band was, their stage presence and the strong vocals. At one point the singer Matt Dalton said something to the effect of “come here, I gotta tell you something” and like orders from a commanding chief the crowd gathered closely around the stage mesmerized at the talent they were bearing witness to. The promoter for the show walked by me while I was watching the band and pointed to the stage and said “I know right?”, my thoughts exactly.

So long story short I highly recommend checking out Bad Mothers and seeing them live will be an experience you will not regret. In fact I was so impressed with the band that I booked them to co-headline a show with us on March 11th at Pauly’s Hotel in Albany, NY for our 4th Annual St. Paddy’s Day Parade Show. So if you’re in town stop by show kicks off after 2:00pm.

Bad Mothers-Band Members:
Matt Dalton– Vocals Guitar
Patrick Flores– Guitar
Kevin Bohen– Bass
Brian Chiappinelli– Drums
Rose Record Label Group

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