Remembering: Prince Buster 1938-2016

A little over a week ago we lost a legend Prince Buster and although his name was prince he was truly the “King of Ska”. It’s amazing how many people still have no idea what ska music is, I know this because I am a ska musician myself and very often the response is “What is Ska?”

There are many waves of ska but Prince Buster would be considered the original, he helped lay the foundation and the groundwork for not just ska music but the sounds that emerged from ska such as rock steady and reggae. The Jamaican born Cecil Bustamente Campbell will be remembered in the hearts of music lovers for eternity.

Remembering Prince Buster

The song attached below is entitled “Madness” which is one of Prince Buster’s well known tunes. If you’re familiar with the ska group Madness and you should be, they actually took their name from this song. What is really cool is the the band Madness also released a song entitled “The Prince” to further honor their inspirational hero in music.

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