Sean Rowe-Live In Your Home-Interview by: Rob Smittix

Sean RoweRob Smittix Interviews Anti-Records recording artist Sean Rowe

Rob Smittix: “Rumor has it, you wrote your first song on a Fisher Price typewriter after listening to Eye of the Tiger? “

Sean Rowe: ” Yeah, it must’ve been like 1981 or 82, the song was on the radio all of the time. I was seven and I got about 3 to 4 lines down. My family comes from a strong Italian background, so naturally we were obsessed with “Rocky”, my nick name as a kid actually was Rocky.”

Rob Smittix: “And now you’re a father. You have a son right?  Has he shown any musical abilities as of yet?”

Sean Rowe: “Oh yes, Jack turned two in December. He is very Rhythmic, even when your just grinding the pepper shaker, he catches a rhythm. He loves music and he remembers lyrics too.”

Rob Smittix: “You spent 24 days on a solo survivalist quest in the wilderness. Are you one of those “Doomsday Preppers”? Cause if you are I imagine with your survivalist skills you probably would be a good friend to have in these last days.”

Sean Rowe: “No not really, it’s a passion that fulfills my self-sufficiency, it’s more about connecting to the land than preparing for or being rescued from disaster.”

Rob Smittix: “Being secluded from the rest of the world, what on earth did you eat?”

Sean Rowe: “Well foraging really depends on the season; it was September so mostly apples, nannyberries, root veggies, parsnip, wild carrot, hickory nuts and of course acorns.”

Rob Smittix: “You have stated that your exploration of nature and your musical journey have intertwined. How does nature play a role in your sound and song writing?”

Sean Rowe: “It’s does, but really indirectly for the most part. Nature isn’t really separate from anything and it is not separate from us. My passion besides music is being close to the land, it’s where I find a place of purity and mental quiet.”

Rob Smittix: “Undoubtedly your musical background comes from both Rhythm & Blues and Soul singers like Otis Redding but your sound is quite different from your influences.”

Sean Rowe: “My influences collectively come from more than one place. Music is of the heart, the whole body and being. It doesn’t really matter what genre you draw from, these artists and musicians have tremendous skill.”

Rob Smittix: “It truly seems that you care a great deal about your fans. Many musicians seem out of reach from their fans but you remain accessible. In between playing traditional venues, you’ve decided to literally tour the living rooms of America.”

Sean Rowe: “It’s an idea I had; a great way to connect to the fans. Especially in houses, it’s already a relaxing and non-intimidating atmosphere. At a club I am often mechanically away from the crowd but this way I can meet them and they don’t have to wait in a line at the end of a show.”

“It would be extremely exciting for me to see an artist that I really enjoy right in my own home. I’d be ecstatic! People spending time and money to make this happen, really means a lot to me.”

Rob Smittix: “I noticed on your tour listing a private show scheduled for Valentines Day. So is this Sean Rowe touring the bedrooms of the U.S.? All I can picture is a husband telling his wife to close her eyes, as he breaks out a box of chocolates, Sean Rowe appears from the closet .”

Sean Rowe: snickers “No this is a larger room private show. Some of these shows are in alternative spaces, barns or something like that; some are open to the public. The way we do it most of the time it is not open to the public, just family and friends.”

Rob Smittix: “As I understand there are a few openings left on the “Rowe House Concerts” tour but they are filling up fast. How do people inquire about you performing for them in their home?”

Sean Rowe: “They can visit , click the about section to see how it works, read the blog about our experiences and send an email from anywhere in the country. If you show a general interest level then chances are I’ll be coming to see you!”










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