The Architects – Border Wars at Pledge Music

The Architects are an awesome punk rock band from Kansas City. They’ve been around for ten years and they are absolutely awesome live. The band has a strong DIY work ethic, and when they came up with the idea to combine comics with their next album, they set out to do it right.

The idea was Border Wars:

What would begin simply as a collection of ideas from the mind of singer and principal songwriter Brandon Phillips would eventually become BORDER WARS, which tells the story of Tom & Josie, two kids from a tiny town in southwestern Texas. Their backgrounds could not be more different. Tom is the only son of a wealthy televangelist minister. Josie is a runaway, currently employed by meth cooker. Their paths weave and interact with the city’s corrupt sheriff and his reality show, an ex-cartel boss on death row, hookers, scumbags, mob lawyers, crooked senators and a pair of wise morticians, culminating into a blood-soaked denouement.


The art is by the extremely talented Mallory Dorn.

The Architects have successfully crowdfunded Episodes I and II of the Border Wars project, and now they’re looking at funding Episodes III.

It’s an amazing idea and if you can afford to help out, please do. It’s rare to see this kind of creativity in the music business and it should definitely be rewarded.

The Architects at Pledge Music.

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