Throwback Thursday: When MTV Didn’t Completely Suck!

So I just decided to pay my cable bill and the only reason I have cable in the first place is because of the all-in one package with internet and the fact that the old antenna doesn’t work anymore. 99% of television is terrible but I decided to flip through the channels anyway to see if I could find the 1% that I can stomach. And then I stumbled upon Mtv. The show (if you want to call it that) was Snooki and JWOWW and as my stomach turned so did the channel. I can not imagine what type of person could actually call this entertainment. This is where I should insert [no offense] because that’s what people say after they purposely offend someone but I can’t bring myself to even give the courtesy of a disclaimer. If you watch this garbage you are destroying what is left of your already diminishing I.Q.

Why can’t I get this one question out of my mind? You know the question; when did Mtv completely go to shit?

MegaballIn the archives of my mind, I have memories of watching “Music” Television as a kid and there was music and videos to go along with the music. There were thousands of videos and although they weren’t all my style of music there was a balance of genres and it didn’t always suck. In the late 80’s, I remember staying up to 3 o’clock in the morning every Saturday night to watch Headbanger’s Ball. I was ten years old in 88′ and heavy metal was a way of life for me. I loved the heavier bands that existed in that era but I am not ashamed to admit that what we now call “hair” bands were accepted as metal in those days. Don’t deny it ,you know you owned a Skid Row cassette.



Ed_LoverCmon_Son-I was also very much into Hip Hop and at the time Yo! Mtv Raps was my shit. Does anyone else remember the other Dr. Dre? And what about the Ed Lover Dance? C’mon son! When Kurt Loder came on to report Mtv News every hour it felt official and important. Mtv must really support and care about music and fans. Right? There were also VJ’s that would front and back sell songs very similar to a radio Dj and Mtv as a whole operated almost as if it were a radio station with visuals. The entire foundation behind the idea of Mtv was MUSIC, so what the fuck happened?





WTF_logo From Jersey Shore and it’s spin offs to 16 and Pregnant there is no escaping the fact that Mtv doesn’t give a damn about music at all. They would rather contribute to the dumbing down of society and giving young girls anxiety issues about their weight or encouraging them to be little harlots. Once upon a time a musician would have felt as though they have made it if their video appeared on Mtv. But now the damage is done there is nothing Mtv can ever do that could restore real music fans’ confidence in them and as a musician myself I wouldn’t want Mtv to play my video because I wouldn’t want to be associated with what it has become.



On Saturday August 1, 1981 the first music video aired on Mtv, it was The Buggles‘ “Video Killed the Radio Star“. I have heard people say that internet has killed the video star but I believe Mtv is at fault for that. What do you think?

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