Twiztid In Upstate New York -Show Review By: Ashley

I always wanted to go to see Twiztid but in the past, I was never able to make it. So when I heard that they were playing a show at Putnam Den in Saratoga Springs, I got excited; this would be the first time they came here. This past Saturday, May 13th, I finally got to see Twiztid on the Psychomania Tour!

When I arrived I had to weave through the painted faces to take my place just right of the stage. The speakers were right in front of me and although my ears were ringing, it was worth being able to see them close enough to touch. The stage lights were so hot that it was hard not to feel the sweat from juggalos and juggalettes that were bumping into each other and into me. At one point Madrox (Jamie Spaniolo) was saying how “These are like the lights that cook burgers at gas stations.” haha. Then he threw a water bottle into the crowd that he was using to spray us with and I just so happened to catch it (I felt special).

The big crowd-pleaser  songs were “We Don’t Die” and “I’m So High” and I also have to give props to the opening acts G-MO Skee and Gorilla Voltage. All in all the concert was an amazing experience that ended with a fist bump between Monoxide (Paul Methric) and myself.





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