Fr.U.N.T. Music Interviews Josh “The J” Key From Psychostick By: Rob Smittix

Questions: answered by guitarist Josh ‘The J’ Key

Rob Smittix: First of all, kudos to you guys for making me laugh my fucking ass off time and time again. You have mastered the skill of comedic music, and you’ve raised the bar for other musicians that try to be funny and comedians as well. Who are your influences in both music and comedy?

Josh: First of all, thank you! I didn’t realize we were pushing musical and comedy boundaries but now that I know we are, give me money! I like money. You can buy things with it. As for influences… comedy wise – Monty Python, Mel Brooks, The Simpsons, Weird Al, Bloodhound Gang. Music wise, when we started the band we were listening to a lot of Pantera, Machine Head, Sevendust, Nothingface, Meshuggah, to name a few. What’s fun about Psychostick is that I feel we can pull from many different metal styles as long as it makes sense for the feel and subject of the song.

Rob: So we’ve established that you are in fact comedians. When comedians have an off-night or an audience that just doesn’t get the humor, they are often heckled. Has Psychostick ever been heckled and if so how do you work that into the show?

Josh: We have played shows where we play to people who give us blank stares, but the majority of heckling comes from DRUNK PEOPLE, yelling loudly and obnoxiously in between songs. Often they are fans. I suppose it’s our own fault for having songs about alcohol. I think that I could probably put “dealing with drunk people” on my resume.

The #1 rule of getting heckled is, “SHUT IT DOWN QUICKLY.” Zero tolerance. It will wear on your nerves and the longer you let it go, the worse it gets. A great way is to make fun of them, “Dude, I can’t understand you, all I heard was ARRRMMMUUUGGLLLL A THEERRR BEEERRRRR SONG!”

Rob: Macaulay Culkin has a “comedy” band called The Pizza Underground; a prime example of an epic fail, yet they still continue to tour, somehow convincing themselves that they are funny. Are there any other funny bands out there besides yourselves that you would recommend?

Josh: Yes. We were surfing YouTube and came across a group called The Cleverlys. They are bluegrass comedy band. We were drunk and cracking up, watched every one of their videos. Also, the group Ylvis that does the “What Does the Fox Say” song has way better songs. Check out “Stonehenge” and “The Cabin” and you’ll see what I mean.

Rob: It’s no secret that Psychostick is obsessed with tacos. Are there any taco joints that you recommend? I have only witnessed the band eating crunchy tacos, are soft tacos not metal enough for your image?

Josh: My favorite tacos are at Rosa’s, a Mexican food in Texas. They put POTATOES in their ground beef. *drool* We got nothing against soft tacos. We love soft tacos equally. But there’s just something about the “crunch” of a crunchy taco that seems so pure. The crunch that reassures me and let’s me know, “Everything’s going to be okay.”

Rob: Do you guys get laid a lot? I mean we all know that women go for the funny guys; so honestly how many of the “Because Boobs”-video girls did you guys tap?

Josh: Do you want the disappointing truth or do you want a good answer? I’ll just give you a good answer: 2 billion. Yes. We’ve all gotten laid 2 billion times and counting.

Rob: Alright time to get serious. You’ve got the Merica F*ck Yeah Tour going on right now. Tour highlights? Horror stories from the road?

Josh: So far the tour has been fantastic, best tour we’ve been on in a while. It’s still a bit early in the tour to have a lot of stories, but their was a semi-brawl in New Jersey, that was entertaining. It has been a while since I saw a good fist fight.

Josh I appreciate your time! There’s still time to catch Psychostick on the Merica F*ck Yeah Tour. Here are some upcoming dates:

‘The ‘Merica F*ck Yeah Tour’


6/9 – Skyway Theater – Minneapolis, MN
6/10 – Aftershock – Shawnee, KS
6/11 – Spicoli’s – Waterloo, IA
6/12 – House of Bricks – Des Moines, IA
6/13 – Knickerbockers – Lincoln, NE
6/14 – Blue Bird – Denver, CO
6/16 – Urban Lounge – Salt Lake City, UT
6/17 – Assembly – Sacramento, CA
6/18 – Whiskey a Go Go – West Hollywood, CA
6/19 – Beauty Bar – Las Vegas, NV
6/20 – The Rock – Tucson, AZ
6/21 – Pub Rock – Scottsdale, AZ
6/23 – Korova – San Antonio, TX
6/24 – Warehouse Live – Houston, TX
6/25 – Tomcats West – Fort Worth, TX
6/26 – The Chameleon Room – Oklahoma City, OK
6/27 – Fubar – St Louis, MO
6/28 – Emerson Theater – St. Louis, MO
6/29 – Alrosa Villa – Columbus, OH



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